Louis S. Haskell, Esq.

What Makes Me Uniquely Qualified For Your Case

To me, being full service and client-centered is not a cliché. profile-pic-2It is something that I have spent a lot of time thinking about and executing. I offer my clients the best of all worlds. We are well staffed so that there is always a friendly and knowledgeable person to help you with your day to day needs that occur within the course of a case. On the other hand, I meet with every one of my clients. I have been practicing law since 1987 and have personally handled thousands of accident cases, personal bankruptcies, and tax returns. I know how to make deals. I know how to fight and I know when each is the better course. For any case within my practice areas, I either know what you need or I know how to figure it out. I know how to get the best result from your point of view with the least amount of grief and aggravation to you. The success of my practice speaks to the truth of this statement.

I am not from Lowell or even New England, yet no one handles more Lowell motor vehicle accidents than I do. Nobody in the City of Lowell files more bankruptcy petitions than I do. I have represented roughly ten-thousand injured victims of motor vehicle accidents. I have successfully navigated thousands of people through bankruptcy. I have built a tax practice that enables us to do everything from the simplest individual tax return to full service business bookkeeping and tax filings, audit defense and the like. I am a Certified Acceptance Agent and a member of the Tax Court Bar. I do not believe that anybody else in this area offers the variety or quality of services that I do, and yet I am priced like a plain vanilla tax preparer with no credentials. Our success rate on the immigration side of the practice is extraordinary.

I am told that when writing something like this that it is important to pick your niche. I do not accept that. I believe that it is possible to do it all, to be fast, to be friendly, to be affordable, and to be the best at everything that you set out to do. On the accident side, we do attain the best settlements in the least amount of time necessary, with all of the ancillary matters taken care of such as medical bills, vehicle rentals and the like. On the bankruptcy side, no one with my experience and success rate charges fees as low as mine. My clients get through the process with the minimal amount of aggravation to them possible. On preparing personal tax returns, we promise new clients from H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt and Liberty Tax Service that our fees will not be more than half of what they were paying while getting them the largest refund the law allows. I have rarely had to reduce my fee to honor this guarantee, and yet I am a full service lawyer providing all of the services and expertise that come with that title. On the immigration side, our record of success in the Immigration Court is unrivaled and yet I am charging the same as what a lawyer with a fraction of my experience and nothing approaching my education and training would be charging. I do all of this while surrounding myself with a friendly and knowledgeable staff capable of taking on each of the subcomponents of what I am offering and doing it as well as I do. This is unsurprising, because I trained them myself. I work harder than everyone else. During tax season, I will work ninety straight days. I consider a fifty hour workweek to be part time. Beyond that, I even have an educational pedigree that is unmatched having graduated Brandeis University Magna CumLaude, in 1983 and I received my law degree from the University of Virginia School of Law, a perennial top ten law school in 1987.