An Overview Of Personal Injury

The Law Office of Louis S. Haskell is dedicated to the prompt settlement of personal injury claims for their full and fair value, and the aggressive litigation of those claims the insurance companies refuse to settle for a fair and reasonable amount. This strategy has enabled Attorney Haskell to put tens of millions of dollars into the pockets of his clients through personal injury settlements. Attorney Haskell practices in all areas of personal injury law including automobile accidents, slip and fall, wrongful death, fire and burn cases, medical malpractice, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, dog bites, premises liability, victims of violent crime, and all other areas.

Please note that Attorney Haskell has put tens of millions of dollars into the pockets of his clients through personal injury settlements. Most attorneys will talk about how much they have recovered in “settlements, judgments and benefits”. This is not the relevant metric. “Benefits” include health insurance, disability benefits, no-fault benefits, medical benefits, worker’s compensation benefits and social security benefits. The recovery of benefits does not put money into the client’s pocket so much as it reimburses the client for an economic loss. What is more, it is pure padding of an attorney’s numbers. “Recovery” or the amount of money recovered is also the wrong metric. The amount of money recovered includes money used to pay bills, money used to pay the attorney’s expenses, money used to pay the attorney as well as money that goes into the client’s pocket. It is natural for attorneys to be focused on the amount of money “recovered” because that is what their fee is based upon and that is how they recover their expenses. However, what is most important is how much money the client actually receives. It is this unique focus upon the client’s recovery, as opposed to the total recovery that has resulted in Attorney Haskell doing more accident cases for Lowellians than any other attorney.

Attorney Louis S. Haskell has been practicing personal injury law first in Boston, and later in Lowell, since 1987.  The firm’s two personal injury attorneys have combined experience of over 50 years.  Not only has Attorney Haskell been practicing personal injury law since 1987, but Attorney Maureen Kelleher has been since 1992 and has been with the Law Office of Louis S. Haskell since 1997. In addition, the Law Office’s claims manager, Blondie Alvaranga has been with the Law Office of Louis S. Haskell since 2008 and before that worked with Liberty Mutual Insurance Company for twenty-five years. Attorney Haskell and his staff understand all aspects of an injury claim and will not only handle the settlement of that claim, but all of the ansulary issues associated with an injury claim, such as taking care of the property damage, car rentals, getting the medical bills paid, recovering benefits for lost wages, disability applications, applying for worker’s compensation, helping to set up appointments with doctors and therapists and coordinating among them. Attorney Haskell understands that there are many aspects to handling a personal injury claim, and not all of them involve the recovery of a settlement and a fee.

All walk-ins are welcome.  Our office prides itself on the friendly and competent nature of its staff.  The attorney will speak with you without obligation.  The initial consultation is free and no legal fees are charged until the case is successfully concluded and you receive money.