What Makes Our Firm Uniquely Qualified For Your Tax Related Issues

The Law Office of (Attorney) Louis S. Haskell has practicedBANNER_FB law in the City of Lowell since 1988. Besides handling all kinds of legal issues, we also prepare tax returns for individuals and for businesses. Our office is open all year round. Attorney Haskell and his very capable staff will prepare your taxes for you. Having a lawyer’s office to back you up in the tax preparation process will insure that your taxes are prepared professionally and competently. Also, all information that you give to the attorney and his staff is not only confidential, but privileged.

Get your taxes done by a lawyer who knows all of the tricks. He will do everything that can be done to get you the biggest refund possible, while keeping you from the things that are going to get you into trouble. Best of all, he will do all of these things while charging less than most tax preparers.

At the Law Office of Louis S. Haskell, we offer year round filing of all Federal and State income tax returns in all 50 states. We offer State and Federal tax return services for: personal income taxes, small business income taxes (Schedules C), taxes for landlords, corporate income taxes, Sub-chapter S corporation taxes, partnership income taxes, taxes for LLCs and trust income taxes.

Year Round Support: We are available year round to serve your needs.  We will take care of any problems, whenever they arise.

Electronic Filing: We offer electronic filing for both IRS and state returns, as well as, direct deposit of your refund or direct debit of your liability.

Accuracy Assured: We will give you the most accurate return and the largest legal refund possible.

Correspondence and Audit Assistance: We will help you handle all IRS and state tax return correspondence that you receive, including audits, letters and inquiries about your tax return. Most responses to basic requests for information by the IRS or Department of Revenue are already included charges and result in no additional fee.

All of your tax forms will be filed electronically. All staff are professionally trained by Attorney Haskell personally. Your tax forms will be filed correctly, quickly and professionally. Attorney Haskell will make sure that all of your deductions are claimed for the best result possible under the law.